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15 Surprising Things That Can Hurt Your Car’s Value

Key Takeaways:

  • If your car is no longer being manufactured, finding replacement parts can be difficult, and buyers can face difficulties repairing it in the future.
  • If you like unusual colors, remember that unusual or unpopular colors can make a vehicle harder to sell.
  • When buyers consider buying a used car, they must know its history. Not knowing this information can lead to unwanted or costly surprises.
  • Tires are one of a car’s most essential parts. Driving on worn-out tires is not only dangerous, but it also hurts the value of your vehicle.
  • Being unaware of how your car gets devalued can lead to more severe consequences down the line.
  • By learning about the things that devalue your car, you can avoid common mistakes and ensure that your vehicle retains its value for longer.

You may think that the only things that can hurt the value of your car are accidents, major repairs, or high mileage. However, several things can cause your vehicle to devalue, and sometimes without you even realizing it, you may depreciate your vehicle’s value.

Let’s discuss some of these things and explain how each one negatively affects the value of your car. So, suppose you’re considering selling or trading your vehicle in the near future. In that case, you can avoid these surprises and make more calculated decisions.

Factors That Reduce the Value of Your Car

1. Lack Of Replacement Parts

Suppose the parts for your car are no longer being manufactured. In that case, finding replacements can be difficult or even impossible. It reduces the value of your vehicle, as any buyer will be aware that they may have difficulty repairing it in the future.

2. Poor Resale Value

Some cars have poor resale value. If you own one such car model, it’s essential to know that it may not be worth as much as you think. Do some research before trade-in time so there are no surprises.

3. Unpopular Color

While you may love a bright paint job, it could hurt your car’s value. Unusual or unpopular colors can make a vehicle harder to sell. If you’re unsure what color to choose, consider something classic like white, black, or silver.

4. Excessive Mileage

If your car has racked up a lot of miles, it will be worth less than a comparable model with fewer miles. This is because vehicles driven more are also more likely to need repairs in the future. Try to keep your mileage low if you want to maintain a high value for your car.

5. Modifications

While some modifications can increase your car’s value, most will do the opposite. If you’ve changed your car’s engine or appearance, you’ll likely see a decrease in value when you sell it. This is because modifications can be difficult to undo and may not appeal to all buyers.

6. Wear And Tear

A car that’s in pristine condition is going to be worth more than one that’s covered in dents and scratches. If you want to maintain a high value for your car, it’s essential to take good care of it inside and out. It means regularly cleaning, fixing any damage as soon as it occurs, and avoiding excessive wear and tear.

7. Poor Maintenance

Not keeping up with regular maintenance will eventually cause problems in your car. This will cause its value to decrease, as potential buyers will be worried about the cost of repairs. Make sure you’re staying proactive about oil changes, tire rotations, and brake pad replacements to keep your car in top shape.

You might also hear these disturbing car noises if you ignore maintenance.

8. Accidents

Even if you’re a careful driver, accidents can happen. Getting the damage repaired immediately is essential if you get into an accident. Otherwise, the value of your car will go down significantly. Usually, it’s best to take your vehicle to a professional car dealership for repairs, as they’ll be able to restore it using genuine parts.

9. Smoking Inside the Car

If you smoke cigarettes, it’s best to do it outside of the car. The nicotine from cigarettes can stain the upholstery and cause a nasty smell that will be hard to eliminate. If you have to smoke inside the vehicle, make sure to crack a window to air it out afterward.

10. Using Old and Worn-Out Tires

Tires are one of a car’s most essential parts, as they keep you gripping the road. It’s vital to ensure they’re in good condition and have plenty of treads. Driving on old and worn-out tires is not only dangerous, but it can also hurt the value of your car.

11. Leaving Food and Drinks in The Car

Clean-up afterward is essential if you like to eat and drink in the car. Leaving food and drinks in the car can attract bugs and animals and stain the upholstery.

12. Not Washing the Car Regularly.

It’s essential to regularly wash your car to keep it looking its best. If you don’t wash it often, the dirt and grime will build up, making it look old and neglected. It can hurt the value of your car.

13. Allowing The Interior to Get Too Dirty

Your car’s interior should be kept clean for aesthetic and practical reasons. A dirty interior can make it difficult to see out of the windows and make the car smell bad. Allowing the interior to get too dirty can reduce your car’s value.

14. Driving Without Insurance

If you drive without insurance, you are taking a significant risk. Not only could you get into an accident and be held liable for damages, but you could also have your car impounded. For this reason, it is essential to have insurance.

15. Not Knowing the Car’s History.

When buyers consider buying a used car, they must know its history. It includes accidents, previous owners, and major repairs or replacements. Not knowing this information can lead to unwanted surprises for potential buyers.

15. Not Knowing the Car's History.

How Can a Professional Car Dealership Help Prevent Your Car from Getting Devalued?

When you buy a car, it is an investment. You want to protect your investment and maintain its value for as long as possible. A car dealership can help you do this in several ways.

A car dealership will have a team of experienced professionals who can help keep your car in good condition. They can perform regular maintenance and repairs and advise avoiding common mistakes that can devalue your vehicle.

A professional car dealership will also have a reputation to uphold. It means they will only sell cars that are in good condition and have a history of being reliable. It will also help you retain your vehicle’s value for longer.

Suppose you are looking to sell your car. In that case, a professional car dealership can give you a fair and accurate valuation. It will help you to get the best price for your car and avoid being taken advantage of by private buyers.

Being unaware of how your car gets devalued can lead to more severe consequences down the line. By learning about these things, you can avoid common mistakes and ensure that your vehicle retains its value for longer.

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Common Car Noises That Could Mean Trouble!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Not all car noises indicate a serious problem, but you must address some of these noises immediately.
  2. If your car gives off a high-pitched squealing noise when you brake, it’s most likely due to worn brake pads. These pads wear down and get thinner until they can’t do their job anymore
  3. The power steering system uses hydraulic fluid to help turn the steering wheel easier. A leak in the system may cause the steering to feel stiff and make that squealing noise.
  4. Consult a professional auto mechanic as soon as you sense a serious problem. Trying to fix it yourself may cause more harm than good.

Your car is quite complex – it comprises thousands of moving parts. So, it’s no surprise that sometimes things can go wrong. If your car starts to emit strange noises, it could be trying to tell you something.

Of course, not all car noises are created equal. Some are harmless and can be easily fixed, while others could indicate a more serious problem. You must pay attention to the type of car noise and when and where you hear it..

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Here are some common car noises and what they might mean:

1. Grinding Or Squealing When You Brake

When your brakes grind or squeal, it’s an indication that the brake pads require replacement. Brake pads deliver friction to stop your vehicle. Since they experience wear and tear over time, periodic check-ups are necessary to avoid accidents.

When you hear this noise, take your car for service so a professional can examine the situation. This is a straightforward repair, but it’s important to do it before the pads wear down completely. Otherwise, you could damage your brake rotors, which would be much more expensive to fix.

2. Clunking When You Turn or Go Over Bumps

If you hear a clunking sound every time you turn the wheel or go over a bump, something is likely loose in the suspension. This could signify wear and tear on the shocks or struts, designed to absorb impact and keep the ride smooth. It could also indicate that a control arm or other suspension component is loose or damaged.

While it’s not usually an emergency, fixing it before the problem worsens is important. Otherwise, you could be in for a very bumpy ride.

3. Grinding When You Step on The Brakes

If your car rips a grinding sound when you brake, it’s most likely due to a problem with the brake rotors. The rotors are the large discs your brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from turning.

If the rotors get too worn, they can develop grooves or other imperfections. When this happens, the brake pads can’t make full contact with the rotors, which causes them to make that grinding noise.

Replacing the brake rotors may be the only solution. This can be a pretty expensive repair, so it’s important to catch it early.

4. Squealing When You Turn the Steering Wheel

If your car makes a squealing noise when you turn the steering wheel, it’s most likely due to a problem with the power steering belt. The power steering belt is a long, flat belt that runs from the engine to the power steering pump.

If the power steering belt gets too loose or worn, it can start to slip and squeal when you turn the steering wheel. This is usually an easy fix – you just need to have the power steering belt tightened or replaced.

5. Clicking Sound When You Turn The Ignition

If your car makes a clicking noise when you turn the key in the ignition, it could be a sign of a problem with the starter. The starter is a small electric motor that helps get the engine going.

If the starter is going bad, it can make a clicking noise when you turn the key in the ignition. This is usually an easy fix – you just need to replace the starter.

6. Rattling When You Drive Over Bumps

If your car rattles when you drive over bumps, it could be a sign of a problem with the suspension. Your suspension prevents your car from bouncing around when you drive over bumps.

If the suspension goes bad, it can make a rattling noise when you drive over bumps. This is usually an easy fix – you just need to have the suspension repaired or replaced.

7. Popping Or Crackling When You Turn on The Heat Or AC

Suppose your car’s heater or air conditioner is making a popping or crackling noise. In that case, it could signify a problem with the ductwork.

The ductwork is the system of pipes & vents that deliver hot or cold air from the heater or AC to the car’s interior. Leaks in the ductwork can cause the air to escape and make that popping or crackling noise.

To fix this problem, you’ll need to have the ductwork repaired or replaced by a mechanic.

8. A Whining Noise When You Accelerate

Whining noise when you accelerate could signal a problem with the engine. The engine is what powers your car.

If the engine goes bad, it can make a whining noise when accelerating. This is usually an easy fix – you just need to have the engine repaired or replaced.

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Wheel Alignment


If your car makes any of these noises, be sure to take it to a mechanic to have it checked out. Ignoring these car noises may lead to more serious issues down the road.

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