5 Signs That Mean It’s Time To Change The Engine Air Filter!

5 Signs That Mean It's Time To Change The Engine Air Filter!

It’s summer again – the weather is warming up, and it’s time to change your engine air filter! Many people forget to change their engine air filter regularly, leading to decreased performance and damage to the engine. In this blog post, Auffenberg Kia of Cape Girardeau will discuss the signs that tell you it’s officially time to replace or change your engine air filter.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Engine Air Filter?

An engine air filter will last around 20-30,000 miles. However, this figure may alter depending on driving behaviors and environmental factors. If you frequently drive in dusty or dry areas, you need to replace your engine air filter more often than someone who drives strictly on highways or in urban areas. Additionally, the engine air filter can also affect how often it needs to be changed.

Signs that it’s Time to Engine Air Filter:

Sign 01: Visual Inspection

 Normally, new air filters are white. Ask the mechanic to physically inspect your engine air filter to determine if it appears grimy or if it’s clogged with debris. Remember that occasionally particles that are too tiny to see might block an air filter. It’s time to replace the filter if you discover it’s gray or clogged with debris.

Sign 02: Decrease in Gas Mileage

One of the first signs that you need to change your engine air filter is a decrease in gas mileage. For a standard engine to operate well, there has to be sufficient airflow. The engine begins to work harder when the engine air filter becomes increasingly clogged over time because it is more difficult for air to pass through the engine. This can lead to a decrease in gas mileage of around 30 percent.

Sign 03: Misfiring Engine

If your engine is misfiring or you are having difficulty starting your car, it could be a sign that it’s time to change the engine air filter. Several factors can cause a misfiring engine, but one possibility is that the spark plugs are not getting enough oxygen. A clogged engine air filter can cause this lack of oxygen.

Sign 04: Check Engine Light is on

If the check engine light on your dashboard is illuminated, it could indicate various issues. It may be related to an issue with the engine’s air filter. The light may automatically come on if the filter is clogged and not enough air is getting to your engine. It’s crucial to pay attention to and not disregard this light. If neglected, it might lead to more serious issues.

Sign 05: Odd Engine Noises

If you notice any odd noises under the hood, it could signify that the engine air filter needs to be changed. These noises could include anything from a rattling sound to a change in the engine’s tone. If you’re unsure what’s normal for your car, consult the owner’s manual or ask a mechanic.

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